You Are This Tree & This Tree Is You

Look at this tree. What do you see? Do you see the imperfections first? Do you think "poor tree"? What is it that you notice first?

I look at this tree and I see strength, resilience, determination, will to survive. I also see the history of the slow strangulation it must have endured. I see (and feel) the tightness of breath, the constriction of movement, and the lack of room to expand.

But in that lies the beauty.

From that struggle, emerges this incredibly unique form, which I'm sure many hands gently touch as they stop to examine it in wonder. From the pain comes these twists and curves and bends that tell us "I am still alive and I am still growing".

Look at this tree. Look at the wounds and scars left behind. Is the tree merely those painful reminders? No.

The tree is the tree. The tree is the being who withstood those moments. The tree is the being who stood silently, without complaining, without asking "why me" as the vine hugged it tighter and tighter.

The vine is also not to blame. The vine was the circumstance which the tree had to experience.

Just like this tree, please remember that we are not our wounds or scars. We are the beings who have to experience the circumstance. We are the beings who can grow taller and proudly display our unique form to the world. We are the beings ever reaching to greater heights.

You are this tree and this tree is you.