What Is Forest Bathing, And Why Do I Want To Do It?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Forest bathing, forest therapy, Shinrin-Yoku ... maybe you've heard these terms before but still don't quite know what it's all about.

Allow me to give you a very brief overview...

Shinrin-Yoku, literally translating to "forest bath", is the practice of 'simply being' in the forest atmosphere. It's a practice that began gaining scientific attention in Japan in the 80s.

As a culture heavily rooted in technology & industry, we've forgotten how important nature is to our well-being. How important it is to just slow down and "be". It's become nearly impossible for a lot of us to do just that - slow down, reconnect (by disconnecting our technological sides) and just being. Forest bathing shows us how to sit in stillness, and to actually embrace and enjoy the slow pace of the forest around us.

Some of the health benefits that these studies have proven include:

  • decreases in cortisol levels (our stress hormones)

  • increase in immune system health

  • mood improvement

  • decrease in depressive thoughts and anxiety

  • increase in attention in people with ADD

  • overall feelings of mental well-being

I'll go deeper into the benefits of this and other practices in upcoming blog posts, as well as touch on other science and magic that we can discover through connection of all sorts. But for now, this is a very condensed intro to just a few of the amazing healing effects we can feel after just a few hours in the woods, allowing sensual pleasure to be our guide.