32 Roots Connection is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick and offers tarot readings, nature-based rituals & workshops, and environmental education & activism with the hope of forging a community that is safe, welcoming, healthy and strong.

Our mental & physical well-being is heavily linked to the strength of our relationship with nature and with each other, and we operate from a place of respect for, love, and understanding of the natural world.

Our services and workshops are byproducts of sacred nature practices, Western mystery traditions, forest ecology, and holistic health systems. By nourishing ourselves through honouring the natural world, we can become stronger advocates for and defenders of its splendour and wisdom.

We want to show you that the fire is not out, the spark simply needs reigniting.

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32 Roots offers services that are meant to provide you with opportunities for deeper growth through connection to nature and to self. We are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick and often work throughout the province. 

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nature connection experiences

We offer a variety of nature connection experiences that range from educational to more spiritual practices.

Check back for upcoming events or contact us for more info.

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tarot services

We offer tarot readings and services to help you connect more deeply to yourself. 

Offered as a stand alone service or in conjunction with a forest bathing practice.

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workshops & rituals

We hold a variety of workshops, rituals & special events that cater to many interests. We are also available to offer our services at your establishment, event or retreat.

We are always interested in collaborating with local businesses and community, so if you have an idea, please contact us at We would love to work with you!